How to Hang a Flag on the Wall

How to Hang a Flag on the Wall

Hanging a flag from a wall is not an unusual sight. Still, not everyone gets it right, as it can sometimes turn out to be a slightly more challenging task than it initially appears. Some may end up compromising their room’s looks by simply ignoring the very basic aesthetic rules, or even ruining their walls! So, whether it’s your country, the soccer team you’re rooting for or your favorite club, here are a few handy tips on how to display it properly and safely on your wall.


The fundamentals of hanging a flag are usually pretty simple: nailing it onto the wall, taping it onto it or tacking it up, plus some slightly more advanced techniques, are not exactly that challenging. Still, the whole process should be carried out with caution, and the first step to take is to simply find the appropriate spot!

So, get a friend to hold the flag for you, guide him / her to move it up and down and adjust it at the desired level while using your best judgment to hit that sweet spot. The flag’s dimensions, the room’s layout as well as existing decorations and banners should also be taken into consideration. Use a measuring tape to determine the desired distance from doors and windows and ensure the flag is positioned parallel to the ceiling. Once you’ve sorted that out, mark the hanging points, preferably with a soft pencil, to avoid damaging the plaster, or simply to allow room for reconsidering. If you or your friend have to use a chair or a ladder, make sure you do so by abiding by all safety regulations to avoid potential injuries. Oh, and make sure you check your wall’s structure and materials (for example, handing a flag onto a tile wall can be way different than doing it on drywall or finished wood) so that your flag (and the wall itself!) stays there for quite a long time.

Ways to hang a flag

1. Using hammer and nails

The trusted old way of nailing a poster onto the wall usually ensures secure, trouble-free displaying for years to come. Four nails on all four corners will easily do the trick. Needless to say, skip this method if you’re not that handy with tools!

2. Using spring clips

Spring clips is a convenient way of suspending your flag without inflicting any damage on the wall. All you need to do is stick the clips onto the top spots you’ve marked onto the wall and just clip the flag in. Depending on the size and the weight of the flag, you may need two or four of those clips. Prior to hanging it, it is essential that you carefully wipe the dust off the wall surface. This is a step that many choose to pass over, but it is indeed extremely important: dust tends to form a layer which severely prevents the adhesive tape from properly sticking onto the wall. Therefore, dip a cloth in some rubbing alcohol, carefully sponge the wall surface and let it dry completely before fixing the clips in place.

3. Using adhesive tape

Another harmless and quick way of hanging your favorite banner without drilling any holes into the wall is the adhesive tape. Most brands come with a special formula which minimize the risk of damaging the paint while enabling you to simply change your mind by just pulling it off at will. However, if longevity is your top priority, this may not turn out to be the optimal method – plus the chances of actually taking some paint off the wall should you decide to take down the flag are not exactly zero. In any case, make sure you adhere to the surface cleaning principles we’ve talked about earlier on.

4. Using a double-sided tape

A much more refined and unobtrusive way of mounting your flag, those tapes is another handy solution. After meticulously cleaning the wall surface, grab that tape and carefully remove the plastic layer off the side which will stick to the back of your flag and press it gently but firmly on it onto the back of the flag. Then, extract the second layer and press the flag onto the wall for around thirty seconds to one minute and there you have it: a neat looking flag exhibition that leaves no residue in case you reconsider!

5. Using adhesive putty

Another inconspicuous, and probably the most wall-friendly method of tacking up your favorite flag, is adhesive putty. Clean the area of the wall you’ve decided to hang your flag on and take a small piece of putty. Use your fingers to soften it and shape it the way you want. Apply it to the corners of the flag and press it firmly. It would usually take four putty parts, or a fifth one in the middle (in case your flag is sizable), plus some robust squeezing, to secure your flag stays on the wall for quite some time! Most putty brands incorporate a formula that ensures adhesion onto a wide variety of surfaces including tile, wood, brick, drywall, plastic etc.

So, whether it’s your country’s flag or whatever team or subculture banner you wish to display, you now know the way to do it! One last remark before we leave you to it: Go through the preferred products’ requirements and weight limits so that you enjoy guaranteed, long-lasting gratification and pride without the annoyance and disturbance an inappropriately mounted flag can bring about!