Which country is the only one that does not have a rectangular flag?

Which country is the only one that does not have a rectangular flag

Despite the fact that most countries in the world have serious cultural and political differences, they share one common symbol: their flag. These flags, despite being very dissimilar, always have a square or rectangular shape, so there is not much difference in terms of their geometric shape; however, there is a country that is an exception to this rule and has a unique design: Nepal.

Located in the Himalayas, this Asian country has a flag with a unique design, as it is not a parallelogram, but consists of 2 triangles or pennants, in this case double pennants, which represent a banner that is the image of the country. The currently known flag of Nepal was adopted on December 16, 1962; the 2 triangles represent the Himalayas and also symbolize the 2 main religions of the country: Hinduism and Buddhism. On the flag there are 2 symbols: the moon, which represents the royal house and the sun, which represents the Rana Dynasty, which ruled the country from 1846 to 1961. The red color represents a sign of victory in war according to Nepalese culture but also the flower of the rhododendron, the national flower of the country. Finally the blue border symbolizes peace, all this representing one of the most unique flags in the world.

Before 1962 the moon and the sun had faces on them, but after renovations these faces were removed in order to modernize the design. However, this modernization did not mean that Nepal abandoned the 2 triangles to adopt the typical rectangular design, since this design is much older since the country had a similar flag in the 19th century, and even centuries ago the design of the 2 triangles was already the standard of the ancient Nepalese kingdoms. The ancient royal dynasties of the country, the Rana dynasty and the Shah dynasty, had a royal standard made up of a scalene triangle, which makes it very clear that the country for centuries has been used to this design and today this design persists.

Until 2008, Nepal was a kingdom, when it decided to abolish the monarchy to end a bloody civil war that had plagued the country for decades. Today the Republic of Nepal maintains its design, which continues to captivate the curious with its peculiar shape that has often been complicated, to the point that it is sometimes represented within a white rectangle with the aim of making its design similar to the rest, as it happened in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This is something that Nepalese do not like, because they are proud of their flag and peculiar design, therefore the next time you see the curious flag of Nepal, remember you are looking at a unique national flag design.

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